Sony DWZ-B70HL Series Digital Wireless Headset & Lavalier Set




  • 4GHz ISM Band Operation
  • 1x ZTX-B02RC Body Pack Transmitter
  • 1x ECM-HZ1UBMP Headset Mic
  • 1x ECM-LZ1UBMP Lavalier Mic
  • 1x ZRX-HR70 Half-Rack Receiver
  • Built-In 5-Band Graphic EQ
  • 24-Bit Linear PCM Digital Audio
  • Intelligent Feedback Reducer
  • Includes Body Pack Belt Clip & Tie Clip
  • Includes 2 Windscreens & 2 Antennas

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Play VideoThe DWZ Series Digital Wireless Headset & Lavalier Set from Sony includes a ZTX-B02RC body pack transmitter, a ZRX-HR70 half-rack receiver, an ECM-HZ1UBMP cardioid condenser headset mic and an ECM-LZ1UBMP cardioid condenser lavalier mic. The set operates on a 2.4GHz bandwidth and it can be used for a variety of presentation applications requiring a wireless setup.


The ZRX-HR70 half-rack receiver features a 5-band graphic EQ and includes one XLR output and two 1/4″ TS outputs. Its LCD display provides access to clear channel scan and manual channel selection. Additionally, it gives information on remaining transmitter battery life, diversity reception RF levels, audio metering, EQ status, and channel selection. The set is capable of 24-bit Linear PCM quality digital audio and features AES 128-bit encryption as well as an intelligent feedback reducer.

The ZTX-B02RC body pack transmitter has support for contactless rechargeable function with the optional BC-DWZ1 battery charger using NiMH AA batteries

Includes two windscreens, a tie clip, a body pack belt clip, two antennas, and an AC adapter