Resident Evil 7 Biohazard


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Release date:  01-23-17
Publisher: Capcom
Genre: Action Adventure
Player: 1

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The newest Resident Evil has tons of what horror fans crave. The game’s exploration, puzzles, and dread-inducing atmosphere add up to a truly grueling survival-horror nightmare that will remind you of classic Resident Evil games. Set in a rotting plantation mansion in Dulvey, Louisiana, RE7 puts you in a first-person perspective and turns you loose in photo-realistic environments crammed with terrifying creatures and events. This time, you’re not a trained combat professional. Instead, you’re a desperate, young husband whose wife has gone missing. You follow her trail to Dulvey House, once the residence of the Baker family. As you explore this haunted planation house, you’ll discover the dark fate of the Bakers and uncover a history of dread that is guaranteed to give you nightmares – if you can survive. The PS4 version includes a PlayStation VR Mode, which lets you experience the full game in VR.