PS4 The Sims 4


Players 1
Release Date 11/16/2017
Publisher Electronic Arts

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The Sims 4 truly lets you “play with life!” You can create and control just about anything in The Sims 4, from choosing your Sims’ personalities to designing their appearances, homes, careers, and relationships. Your Sims can participate in various occupations, including entertainer, chef, secret agent, and more. The game’s robust but easy-to-use tools let you effortlessly plan and furnish any kind of home you can imagine, from stately mansions to run-down flophouses. Or you can choose pre-built dwellings and default Sims to jump right in. Follow your Sims’ intricate and interconnected lives, travel between worlds, discover new destinations, meet the locals, and much, much more. You will never run out of things to do and things to build in this creative, hilarious life simulation.