PS4 Sonic Forces


Players 1
Release Date 11/6/17
Publisher Sega
Genre          Action Adventure

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Gaming’s most famous hedgehog returns in a game that combines classic Sonic platforming with a modern twist. At the start of this epic adventure, Dr. Eggman has wrecked the whole world. With the help of a mysterious new villain, Dr. Eggman has transformed all of Earth into a lifeless wasteland, and only one animal can stop him – well, three actually. Sonic Forces lets you play as Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, or your own custom character. That’s right – you can design and play your own unique hero! Roll across blasted landscapes and destroy robot hordes as Modern Sonic, side-scroll through fast-paced levels as Classic Sonic, and use amazing new devices as a custom character. Whether you like the fast-paced 2D platforming that made Sonic famous or you want to create your own gaming icon, check out Sonic Forces!