PS4 Just Cause 3


Players 1
Release Date 11/30/2015
Publisher Square Enix
Genre Action Adventure

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This open-world game is crammed with action and offers limitless opportunities for creative chaos. You’ll explore the Republic of Medici, a Mediterranean island paradise under the control of brutal dictator General Di Ravello. You play Rico Rodriguez, a man intent on bringing down the leader and freeing the people – but not before blowing up a lot of junk, of course! Just Cause 3 features over 400 square miles full of weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and enemies. It’s like a living, breathing world filled with cities, mountains, fields, and beaches – all places where you can unleash an infinite amount of anarchy. You can fly around in a wingsuit, use the grapple and parachute to climb buildings and leap off them, or tie objects together for new kinds of creative destruction. The only limit is your imagination.