PS4 Farcry 5


Players 1
Online Players 12
Release Date 3/26/18
Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Shooter

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This installment of the Far Cry series takes place in America. Hope County, Montana, is a beautiful place, but some of its residents are anything but. The area has been taken over by a religious doomsday cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate. Led by sadistic visionary Joseph Seed, Eden’s Gate has attracted an army of the worst people around. You are the new Sheriff’s Deputy, sent to bring order to a lawless area, but your badge means nothing in the Montana backcountry. You’ll need guns, guts, and willpower, as well as a little help from the friendlier residents of Hope County. You can choose to enjoy wholesome fishing and hunting or start full-on massacres of fire and destruction. Far Cry 5 offers limitless opportunities for mayhem, an incredible arsenal of weapons, and endless side quests and activities.