Ps4 Batman Return to Arkham


Release date:  06-22-15
Publisher: WB GAmes
Genre: Action Adventure
Player: 1

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It’s time to return to the dark world of Batman and bring the Arkham series to its conclusion. In Batman: Arkham Knight, Batman faces his biggest challenge yet. Scarecrow is uniting the most fearsome villains in Batman history including Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn to destroy the Dark Knight forever. This action game offers everything Batman fans crave, including a massive game world, bone-shattering combat, a completely new and original character – the Arkham Knight – and even the Batmobile! Batman’s tricked-out supercar is at the center of the gameplay here. It augments the Dark Knight’s abilities, features a new Battle Mode, and lets you tool around Gotham City looking totally killer.