Prompter People Ultralight iPad/Android Teleprompter



  • Portable, Easy-Setup Prompting Solution
  • Adjustable Tray for Tablets 7″ and Up
  • 10″ Glass Fully Captures Most Screens
  • Low-Iron Glass with Anti-Reflection Coat
  • Supports Most Camera Sizes
  • 10 ft Reading Range
  • Tool-Less Assembly
  • Includes iCUE Mini Keyboard/Remote


The Ultralight iPad/Android Prompter from Prompter People is a flexible on-the-go mobile prompting solution. It features an adjustable, universal tablet bracket for all tablets 7″ and up, and it’s designed to provide balance for most camera sizes. Lightweight and offering tool-less assembly, this prompter is convenient to transport and quick to set up.

The included beamsplitter glass is 10 x 10″, ensuring that it’ll capture and display the entire screen of up to 10″ tablets. The beamsplitter is designed with a 60/40 transparency and provides a 10 ft reading range. It’s made of low-iron glass that eliminates color shift while anti-reflection coatings also prevent glass reflections.

The prompter supports the Prompter People iCUE prompting app, available at iTunes for iPads, and any of various prompting apps available at Google Play for Android devices. A Bluetooth wireless iCUE mini keyboard/remote is included for operating the iCUE app remotely, allowing you to read off the prompter and control it at the same time. A universal tripod mount is included for easily mounting the prompter onto any standard tripod.

Key Features

  • Flexible on-the-go prompting solution
  • Supports most camera sizes
  • Universal tablet bracket for tablets 7″ and up
  • Weighs only 4.5 lb
  • Tool-less assembly
  • 60/40 10″ x 10″ beamsplitter glass (displays entire iPad screen)
  • Low-iron glass eliminates color shift
  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • 10 ft reading range
  • Includes iCUE mini keyboard/remote