Nintendo Switch Lego Worlds


Release date:  09-05-17
Publisher: WB Games
Genre: Family/party
Player  2

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Imagine infinite LEGOs! This sandbox game lets you create anything you can possibly imagine in endless procedurally generated worlds. You can raise mountains and terraform effortlessly with the multi-tool, drop in prefabricated LEGO structures, or build brick by brick. You can customize your minifigure with a huge assortment of outfits and accessories. As you explore fantastical LEGO environments, you’ll uncover secrets, treasures, and fun vehicles like helicopters, dragons, and more. LEGO Worlds comes alive with characters like cowboys, skeletons, vampires, and polar bears. You can build with real-life LEGO sets taken from the Classic theme and current themes too. Once you’ve created your perfect world, you can experience unique adventures and save it to build and play with later.