Maxell For Hearing Battery PR41 (312) Zinc Air 6pc


Key Features


  • Mercury free
  • Stable Power
  • Wireless Approved
  • 6 pack
  • 1.45V




These Zinc Air button batteries are specifically designed for hearing aids including the modern wireless models (those that connect directly with smart devices) and are colour coded for easy recognition. As zinc air batteries are air-activated a factory seal has been placed on them inorder for them to remain inactive until it comes to be used. Once peeled, oxygen interacts with the zinc in the battery and in affect turns it on. To get the best performance from the battery, wait one minute after removing the battery to fully activate it before placing it in your hearing device. Once activate the battery will remain active until the power is drained. {NP}These batteries come on a wheel making it easy to release the battery from it’s packaging. They are mercury free and better for the environment, just make sure you dispose of them in a responsible manner (not household waste). Best stored in room temperature of between 10°C and 30°C.