Maxell Earphone Vibrabone Black


Vibrabone earphones use bone conduction technology to vibrate in time with the bass of your tunes and sounds. These are amazing teamed with heavy music but also make your video games come to life with every jump, punch or fall.

Using the handy controls attached to Vibrabone you will easily be able to control the level of vibration and sound to tailor your experience. Vibrabone earphones bring a new sense of ‘3D reality’ to your body.



Inner ear canal type earphones

Bone conduction technology – the technology where sound bypasses your eardrum providing less pressure to your hearing.

Vibrabone allows you to ‘feel the sound’ by picking up the bass and turning it into in-ear vibrations

Dual controls to personalise your sound and vibration experience

Offers a unique 3D experience when listening to music or playing games on your smart device

Choose from 3 x eartips to ensure you find the right comfort fit for you

Suitable for all devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack

Available in black or white