Hedbox HED-BP95D Li-Ion Battery Pack 2x D-Tap 14.4V 6700mAh / USB 5V for Sony




  • For Sony HD Camcorders
  • 48Wh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Supports up to 10A Draw
  • Dual D-Tap and USB Ports
  • 4-LED Power Meter
  • Built-In Data Communication Chip

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High Power Capacity 95Wh *7Hrs Run Time

This high-capacity, lithium-ion battery pack can power any Sony HD Camcorders like the PMW-EX1, PMW-EX1R, PMW-EX3, PMW-100, PMW-150, PMW-200, PMW-300, PMW-F3, PXW-X160, PXW-X180, PXW-X200, PXW-FS7, including the latest models PXW-Z190 and PXW-Z280, and any other units that accept the BPU style battery. The HED-BP95D includes an external USB 5V/5W/1A power output, and a Dual D-Tap DC 14.4V power output, that can deliver 115W/8A for all professional external devices