Godox Softbox SB-BW-6090 60x90cm


Key Features


1 x 60 x 90 cm Softbox

4 x Steel Bar Set

1 x Bowens Light Link Adapter

1 x Carrying Bag

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Featuring standard-sized Bowens speed connectors, this high-quality softbox fits in any studio.
A softbox is the perfect addition to the photo studio as it allows to take advantage of continuous or flash lighting.
The softbox’s large dimensions make it attractive for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large product shots.
It creates a particularly natural and diffused light distribution, eliminating excessive highlights and hot spots, and creating smooth transitions from illuminated areas to shadow areas, providing the illumination needed for the best possible shots.
Size: 60x90cm
Connection type: Bowens Mount
Shape: Rectangle
Aluminum ring Adapter