Cartoni Focus HD Fluid Head & One-Stage 3-Tube Aluminum Alloy Tripod




  • 26 lb Capacity Fluid Drag Tripod Head
  • Quick Release Sliding Camera Plate
  • Variable Counterbalance System
  • Continuously Variable Pan & Tilt Drag
  • ±90° Tilt / 360° Pan
  • 100mm Ball
  • Telescopic Pan Handle
  • Two-Stage Aluminum Alloy Smart Stop Tripod
  • Mid-Level Spreader

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Featuring ±90° tilt, 360° pan range, and a continuously variable fluid-damping system on both pan and tilt movements, the Focus HD Fluid Head & One-Stage 3-Tube Aluminum Alloy Tripod is suitable for use with cameras and accessories weighing up to 26 pounds. The fluid head features a quick release sliding camera plate, an illuminated spirit level, and a telescopic pan handle. The FocusHD system features a continuously variable counterbalance system. Its 100mm bowl base provides a wide support that makes it suitable for larger cameras.

An included mid-level spreader offers additional support while shooting on uneven surfaces, such as steps, rocky ground, and slopes, while the removable rubber feet provide improved grip on slippery surfaces and protection to delicate interior locations. The included carry bag provides protection during storage and transport.

Focus HD Video Tripod Head

The Cartoni Focus HD Video Tripod Head is compatible with 100mm bowl base tripods, and supports cameras weighing up to 26 lbs. Featuring a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a patented variable counterbalance, the unit can be used with all existing ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and DV cameras. The lightweight (4.4 lbs) tripod head is easy to carry.

The Focus HD head comes with a quick-release sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level, and orientating pan bar, and provides a 360° pan and ± 90° tilt range.

Suitable for 100mm bowl base tripods

Supports cameras weighing up to 26 lbs

Continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements

Patented variable counterbalance expands its range of use to encompass all existing ENG and DV cameras

Lightweight (4.4 lbs)

Comes with a quick-release sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level, and orientable pan bar

360° pan / ± 90° tilt range

A302 Ultra-Light Aluminum Tripod

The Cartoni A302 Ultra-Light is a single-stage tripod constructed of a strong tubular aluminum alloy that combines superb torsional rigidity with the lowest weight possible. It also incorporates the ultra-fast and secure flip-clamping system, with a safety lock to ensure maximum clamping efficiency at any height.

Equipped with a 100mm-bowl base, the A302 operates with an extendable mid-level spreader (not included) and provides a payload capacity of up to 110 lbs.

Aluminum alloy construction

100mm bowl base

Single extension design

Maximum height of 55.5″

Non-slip flip locks, ensuring maximum clamping efficiency at any height

P731 Mid-Level Tripod Spreader

Suitable for fast moving ENG and EFP applications, the lightweight telescopic mid-level spreader adds only 1.0 lbs to your tripod and allows a very quick set-up. Its quick release attachment requires only a few seconds for being installed. Fits the A302, L501 and L503 single-stage tripods.

B458 Rubber Feet (Set of 3)

Set of three rubber feet. Snap these feet onto your tripod when it’s not possible to use the dual spiked feet, ideal on slippery and glossy floors.

B410 Soft Carrying Case

The Cartoni B410 Soft Carrying Tripod Case is designed to carry the Alfa and Beta 2-stage tripods.

1/2″ Foam in the interior

2 outside pockets

Leather handles with Touch Fastener closure

Shoulder strap