Blackmagic Design Ultimatte Smart Remote 4 ULTMSMTREM4



  • Controls up to 8 Ultimatte Units
  • Capacitive Touchscreen LCD
  • Rotary Encoders
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • On Line and On Air Indicators per Unit




Control up to 8 Ultimatte units via Ethernet with the Blackmagic Design Ultimatte Smart Remote 4. Its large display area, adjustable stand, and separate brightness controls for the display as well as the button layout make for an ergonomic, user-friendly experience. Furthermore, “Monitor Out Views” can be accessed from every menu for quick and easy operation of essential functions.

  • Capacitive touchscreen LCD screen
  • Eight optical encoder knobs and unit selection buttons
  • On Line and On Air indicators for each unit
  • Five quick-save and quick-load buttons