AEE S50+ Aciton Camera

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  • 1080p HD video record and 8.0Mp still camera
  • 10x Digital zoom
  • 1500mAh battery life (1hr 30 mins)
  • Works underwater at a depth of 100m with built in external microphone
  • Built in WiFi with AEE Magicam app
  • Expandable memory of up to 64GB with micro SD card
  • HDMI Support & PC interface via USB

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The AEE MagiCam S50+ is the perfect action cam to capture incredible scenery and secure even more incredible memories. This HD camera will be particularly attractive to divers due to its 100 metre depth capacity as well as its long battery life.

This 8Mp camera with 10x digital zoom produces quality images with a high saturation, and the 1500mAh battery allows for more than 1 hour and 30 minutes of continuous filming. It also comes equipped with an external microphone which is a must for deep sea photographers. Its large screen along with its easy navigable menus and multilingual capabilities also ensure easy usage.

The Magicam S50+ also excels above the water. The G sensor and 180º rotation mean the camera is useful for any excursion. The MicroSD capacity reaches 64GB (Not included) and the AEE MagiCam app means that your large quantity of images and videos can be shown remotely through built-in WiFi.